The Enlightwell platform is an effective way to reach the most employees with the best wellness information in the industry. 

Wellness training videos, webinars, and downloadable content is designed to increase the productivity and decrease the cost of your employees.  


The truth of the matter is that there's a good side and a bad side to commercial wellness. The question is... Who's winning?

Unfortunately, the bad side... obesity rates continue to increase, preventable conditions and medical claims have steadily risen for decades and these trends are not showing signs of slowing. Add to the this that the wellness industry is very unregulated, and this lends to an imperative need.

Mixed messaging, confusion, and virtually no safeguard for consumers against fraudulent products have created the need for a new level of intervention.



With proper education, we don't have to live with the bad side any longer.

No more wasted time, money and effort on programs and products that don't produce results.... AND.... no more jeopardizing health with unsound practices.


Employees who are: 

  • Healthier

  • More Functional

  • Lower Cost 

This program is designed to protect and improve health and to increase functional ability; the ability to live and work with as few restrictions as possible.

A Comprehensive Approach

The design of Enlightwell is to clear the air regarding all the mixed messages in the wellness industry. Our comprehensive approach is based on the following topics that work with a variety of populations in terms of current health status.



This is better defined as Abdominal Fat Management. The fact is abdominal mass is better defining of risk factors associated with obesity. This is our focus.

Nutrition Management 

Eating for wellness is not about low-carb or high protein. It’s about eating “adequate” amounts of micro and macronutrients with mostly unprocessed foods. Food choices move us towards disease or better health.

Exercise Prescription 

Everyone needs strength, cardiovascular, and functional training exercise. Here, we cover the balance of these based on individual needs and desires.

Stress Management and Sleep Health 

As part of self-care efforts, stress and sleep greatly impact other actions we take for better health. Managing these properly sets the stage for success with all other wellness efforts.

Energy and Fatigue Management   

Living with low-energy impacts stress, sleep, nutrition management, and exercise engagement. Our efforts work toward consistent energy throughout the day that’s not fed by repeated stimulants.

Personal Wellness Programming 

As individuals, we have needs that alter general recommendations. This is where physician engagement and clinical accountability become vital for personal wellness success. Our goal: no gaps in care. 

If just one of these target areas is missing, it can impact all other areas of effort in managing personal wellness. We expand on these with a variety of health topics, but this group of behavior management skills is vital to establish sound wellness practices.

By taking a comprehensive approach, participants begin to “get it” in terms of feeling and functioning better.

The Enlightwell Video Library Experience

Easy to Access

It’s a wellness resource that’s in their pocket 24/7/365... whenever support is needed. With access to content via phone, tablet, or computer, topics of interest can be reviewed at any time. 

Easy to Follow

Videos average around five minutes each, which works to keep attention spans in sync with today's lifestyles. Information is presented in a specific order to build a comprehensive mindset. Participants begin to understand how wellness works without second guessing their efforts. 

Easy to Apply

Participants begin to create their specific wellness program based on personal needs, abilities, and desires. Actions are presented in a progressive manner with guidance to master each, changing lifestyle step by step. Learning happens at the participant’s preferred pace with content that’s always available when those “moments” strike and guidance and motivation are needed.

See the Enlightwell experience here. 


The Enlightwell Webinar Series

  • Wellness Webinars for your population covering a variety of timely health topics
  • Each topic is available for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • Participants interact with chat comments to keep interest at a high level.
  • Downloads are included for participants to review ongoing at their convenience.
  • Webinars are recorded and available to your population through a link after the live presentation, reaching those unable to attend live sessions. 

The Content

  • Information in these courses has been accumulated while working with Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and healthcare systems.
  • The experience has been proven success as part of evidence-based science as it pertains to wellness.
  • Content, as it is presented to participants, has been designed with what gets engagement numbers up.
  • Information is presented in a language that is absorbable and has shown to get attention. 

Clinical Accountability

As part of overall messaging, we periodically refer to the vitality of physician interaction.

Going beyond the general statements of “see your doctor before making changes to your wellness efforts”, .... our messaging directs participants to engage in conversation with their physicians to create a prevention and treatment plan for their specific health status.

We ask participants to work with their doctors to stay on top of preventive screenings that are health history appropriate... and all with a bottom-line goal of motivating participants to fill any gaps in care.

Vetted Content

All content presented through Enlightwell has been vetted through the leading organizations in the industry to ensure participants are following best practices. And this is how we take the guesswork out of wellness.

Top 10 Reasons for Enlightwell

  • Cost effective with easy integration and administration
  • Accessible content that's convenient for participants
  • Easy to understand and apply to various lifestyles 
  • Vetted through leading wellness organizations
  • Comprehensive education that builds over time
  • In sync with national trends to maximize sound resources
  • Unique content that does not duplicate other wellness programs 
  • Guidance that spans across numerous health needs 
  • Available to onsite and remote participants
  • Supportive of healthcare cost savings